From iconic styles that have never gone out of fashion to designs that are right for the times. Classics are revived and replicated, legends reinterpreted. Stunning new looks are inspired as much by our past as by the here and now. And superb materials from the four corners of the globe are fused with the signature Originals crepe sole. For men and for women there is nothing quite like Clarks Originals. Never has been. Never will be.

Women's Clarks Shoes

  • Clarks Wave Andes $139.95

  • Clarks Un.loop $129.95

  • Clarks Wave Andes $139.95

  • Clarks Rosalyn Adele $109.95

  • Clarks Rosalyn Wren $109.95

  • Clarks Un. Loop $129.95

  • Clarks Wave Trek $129.95

Women's Clarks Boots

  • Clarks Maypearl Juno $129.95

  • Clarks Maypearl Ramie $139.95

Men's Clarks Shoes

  • Clarks Cushox Pace $134.95

  • Clarks Broyd Walk $129.95

  • Clarks Tilden $89.95

  • Clarks Un Ravel $149.95

  • Clarks Un Ravel $149.95